CEMETARY – sign to Atomic Fire Records; new album ┬╗Come To Ruin┬ź to be released later this year & limited t-shirt available for pre-order!

Photo Credit: Manuel Teichert

Atomic Fire Records is proud to announce the signing of Swedish cult metal band CEMETARY, one of the most exciting bands of the ’90s capable of merging death metal with gothic and doom flavours. CEMETARY‘s founding member and mastermind Mathias Lodmalm is back to remind us that true legends never die.

“After several decades in the wilderness, CEMETARY finally arrive home at Atomic Fire Records. For better or for worse, I have always gone my own way and rolled the bones as they may. Roughly a decade ago, I started crafting a sound that came to be the upcoming album ┬╗Come To Ruin.┬ź Working with a label was never a thought, quite the opposite. But when I heard the rumblings from Donzdorf, it pulled me in, and what I saw was the finest team in metal today.

To finally be able to work with people as passionate as myself is a true blessing. I am forever grateful. Old titles will come back to life with the highest production values possible. Not only one, but two new albums are being prepared to usher in the apocalypse with a ferocity never before heard from the band. This has been a long time coming – plans are best laid. Thanks to all who patiently waited and kept CEMETARY alive by tuning into the sound,” enthuses Lodmalm.

Atomic Fire Records co-founder/A&R Markus Wosgien adds, “It was in 1993 when I discovered CEMETARY with their second album, ┬╗Godless Beauty,┬ź which guided me into another world, similar as TIAMAT (┬╗Clouds┬ź) and PARADISE LOST (┬╗Shades Of God┬ź) did the year before. But CEMETARY were different, even more intense and with more “corners and edges.” Songs like ‘And Julie Is No More’ and ‘By My Own Hand’ stuck in my head and I can repeat every second even three decades later.

Some months ago, LAKE OF TEARS mastermind Daniel Brennare introduced me to Mathias Lodmalm and we started to talk about the past and future. So that’s why we kick off our cooperation with beautiful re-issues of their ’90s albums, starting with ┬╗An Evil Shade Of Grey┬ź and my all-time favorite, ┬╗Godless Beauty,┬ź including individual interviews and new graphics. Mathias is also in the final steps of a brand-new CEMETARY album and the demos we heard took us back to the band’s origin and breathe the mood of those first two cult records.”

Over 20 years have passed but now it’s time to break the silence – a new incarnation of CEMETARY springs to life. In celebration of their return is a limited exclusive t-shirt, designed by Lodmalm himself. Featuring CEMETARY‘s logo, this collector’s item is limited to only 34 pieces worldwide to celebrate 34 years of the band’s existence! Pre-order it now, here: https://vvk.link/2joefar

Based in Bor├ąs, Mathias Lodmalm and his comrades immediately got recognition unleashing a stunning debut album titled ┬╗An Evil Shade Of Grey┬ź (1992), shortly followed by their masterpiece ┬╗Godless Beauty┬ź (1993) as well as ┬╗Black Vanity┬ź (1994). CEMETARY incessantly dominated the extreme metal scene releasing two more records (1996’s ┬╗Sundown┬ź & 1997’s ┬╗Last Confessions┬ź) and touring all over Europe.

After the band split-up in 1997, Lodmalm released his swansong, ┬╗Phantasma┬ź in 2005. Continually active in the metal underground, he re-emerged as CEMETARY 1213 to create the science fiction inspired concept album ┬╗The Beast Divine,┬ź showing a much colder and harder edge than its predecessors.