OBLIVION PROTOCOL – unveil first details of upcoming debut album ┬╗The Fall Of The Shires┬ź!

OBLIVION PROTOCOL recently announced their signing to Atomic Fire Records and today, the new project of THRESHOLD keyboard player and songwriter Richard West unveil first details of their debut album ┬╗The Fall Of The Shires┬ź which will be released later this year: The record was written as a sequel to THRESHOLD‘s 2017 concept album ┬╗Legends Of The Shires,┬ź and delivers a dense, climactic sound somewhere between RUSH, STEVEN WILSON, ┬╗The Dark Side Of The Moon┬ź-era PINK FLOYD and hard rock masters GHOST, all the while providing the listener with clever little nods, bows and references to the first instalment.

Richard West explains: “When my THRESHOLD band mates decided not to record a sequel to the ┬╗Legends Of The Shires┬ź story, I knew I wanted to stay in that world a little longer, so I wrote my own sequel called ┬╗The Fall Of The Shires.┬ź”

OBLIVION PROTOCOL‘s line-up is completed with three renowned musicians: guitarist Ruud Jolie (WITHIN TEMPTATION), bassist Simon Andersson (DARKWATER) and drummer Darby Todd (DEVIN TOWNSEND). Last but not least THRESHOLD‘s Karl Groom has also contributed some truly enthralling guitar solos to the record.

┬╗The Fall Of The Shires┬ź – Track Listing:

01. The Fall (Part 1)
02. Tormented
03. Public Safety Broadcast
04. This Is Not A Test
05. Storm Warning
06. Vertigo
07. Forests In The Fallout
08. The Fall (Part 2)

Artwork by Thomas Ewerhard

The album cover — designed by celebrated artist Thomas Ewerhard who was responsible for so many of THRESHOLD‘s classic covers such as ┬╗Hypothetical┬ź and ┬╗Subsurface┬ź — depicts the downfall of the world shown on ┬╗Legends Of The Shires.┬ź The group’s debut single, ‘Forests In The Fallout,’ will be unveiled on May 26th alongside album pre-order options.