SEVENTH STORM – present music video for new single “Gods Of Babylon” + new album ‘Maledictus’ is finally out today!

The vessel has finally entered the port and SEVENTH STORM‘s first album ‘Maledictus‘ is out today.  With influences ranging from Bathory via Paradise Lost, and Dead Can Dance to even Van Halen, the Portuguese combo around Mike Gaspar is only just embarking on a journey across the wild and wondrous waters of heavy metal history. And while not being a concept album, ‘Maledictus‘ is tied together by a strong sense of pain and anger, paired with a flickering hope of forgiveness for our lives and you get the album in various formats here: To celebrate the release of their debut album, SEVENTH STORM present a music video for their heaviest track to date, that starts with a traditional Persian intro before unleashing raging blastbeats and a hard rocking chorus to honour the “Gods Of Babylon“. Drummer Mike Gaspar explains the background of the song: “Just like the times of Babylon the gods represented a fairness of justice, healing , and compassion. Bringing light to agriculture to prosper for future years. Values we should worship still today. The past shows us the effects of war and famine. The magical teaching destroyed and lost. Let this song bring back those values and enrich our lives with sounds of an ancient past. Moving forward and United once more.  This video represents all that was conquered and fought for to create ‘Maledictus’.  We now share it with those that desire to be part of this new Thunder Storm. We shall please the Gods!”    Watch the new music video for “Gods Of Babylon”, featuring plenty of behind-the-scenes-shots from the album recording, photo and video shoots here:

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Tracklist ‘Maledictus’:

01. Pirate’s Curse
02. Saudade (English version)
03. Sarpanit
04. Gods of Babylon
05. The Reckoning
06. Inferno Rising
07. Seventh
08. My Redemption
09. Haunted Sea
10. Saudade (Acoustic) (English version)
11. Saudade (Acoustic) (Portuguese version)
12. Saudade (Portuguese version)

All fans living in Portugal can meet the full band at their instore signings and showcases on the following dates:
August 12th – signing session at Carbono Amadora, Galerias de São José
September 2nd – Showcase + signing session at Fnac Colombo (Lisboa)
September 3rd – Showcase + signing session at Fnac Santa Catarina (Porto)
September 30th – Showcase + signing session at Fnac Almada (Lisboa)

In addition, SEVENTH STORM just recently confirmed their very first live performance to happen at RCA Club in Lisbon on the 8th of October – be among the first ones to join their journey across the seven seas or stay tuned for further dates to be announced soon.

Have you missed the previous singles? Then check them out here:
Saudade‘ – English version:
Saudade‘ – Portuguese version:
‘Haunted Sea’: