ZEKE SKY – label debut »Intergalactic Demon King« out now; music video for new track ‘Endlessly Forever’ launched!

“ZEKE SKY is an incendiary of heavy metal.”

“…the music here is outstanding and one that deserves your attention this year.”

“This is fantastic!”
Dom Lawson (Metal Hammer UK etc.)

The time has finally come for US based multi-instrumentalist ZEKE SKY who unleashes the »Intergalactic Demon King« through Atomic Fire Records today. Containing eleven tracks, Zeke‘s label debut was produced by himself alongside Kevin Antreassian who was also responsible for tracking, mixing and mastering these tunes at Backroom Studios. Fantasy-laden artwork was contributed by Dafid Rizal (Insect Decay; https://linktr.ee/dafidrizal).

Zeke states, “It is with dignity and pride that today I release »Intergalactic Demon King,« a sonic compendium of my best work yet. Told through the lens of patient observations on love, sacrifice, combat and triumph, the canvas has expanded dramatically to match my instincts with my desires. I also release to you a new music video of the song ‘Endlessly Forever,’ a fresh cinematic offering of performance in action.”

He adds, “‘Endlessly Forever’ is a song about the warrior at sea seeking to complete his mission and return home. It explores both heroic exploits and the tempestuous plight of a conqueror and family man who must overcome a long journey in pursuit of a divine mission; to take what is rightfully his and restore order whilst confronting the vulnerability of family life and the machinations of love, it requires sacrifice and determination.”

Check out the video by Argo Kennedy Films (www.argokennedy.com) over on YouTube: https://youtu.be/SdKQCau5j_0


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Order »Intergalactic Demon King« in the physical format of your choice (CD-digipak, colored vinyl), stream it on your favorite DSP or get it digitally now, here: https://zekesky.afr.link/IntergalacticDemonKing

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»Intergalactic Demon King« – Track Listing:

01. Overture
02. On The Tip Of The Tongue
03. Light The Sky
04. Intergalactic Demon King
05. Level The Heights
06. Light In The Hollow
07. Firewitch Forever
08. Faith And Sorrow
09. Endlessly Forever
10. Say Your Prayers
11. LionHeart

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‘Intergalactic Demon King’ OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: https://youtu.be/a7VAVxKwPXs
‘Light The Sky’
OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO:https://youtu.be/a7VAVxKwPXs