Forged in Paris in 2008, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR is a heavy metal and hardcore punk band conjuring their very own brand of modern, hyper-heavy rage music. The stylistic backgrounds of the five participants speak a very clear language: American hip-hop, brute groove metal from acts like Machine Head and Pantera as well as hefty New York Hardcore along with the edgy, pressing sounds from consorts like Rage Against The Machine, Korn, and Deftones. From all these listening preferences, the very special style of RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR was born. Millionfold viewed music videos on Youtube paved the way and with their 2014 debut „Welcame,” they delivered their power-packed, thrash-laced spectacle in full length form upon the masses. Collectively boasting a fondness for Japanese manga culture, especially those from the 1980s, appropriately classic thematic content is processed in a lyrically exciting way. Thus, the band is particularly celebrated in Japan and elsewhere in Asia where performances are met with wild fanfare and packed concert halls. Following a successful tour in 2017, the band released their critically lauded second album „The Legacy Of Shi“ and fans will be brought even closer to their very own Nippon apocalypse in the fall of 2022  with the band’s third full-length offering!

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