SUASION – drop new single / video “Equilibrium”; start pre-orders for the “The Infinite” album!

Today Suasion dropped the new song “Equilibrium” from the upcoming album “The Infinite,” released on January 27th, 2023. “The Infinite” is an album that stands out in its scene thanks to Suasion’s futuristic sound and their approach of narrating a multidimensional story to its recipients. The new song “Equilibrium” reveals heavy riffings and a darkwave contrast.¬†Surrounded by organized chaos, one can only wait for the end of the tunnel.

Stream it:

Vocalist Steven Rassart says about the music video for “Equilibrium”: “It shows how we end up in total chaos after our dive into the infinite. We really don’t know what will happen to us since we are no longer the masters of our destinies. We can endure, wait, and pray for our “Equilibrium” to return.”

Julien Delasse adds: “Equilibrium is one of our heavier songs. This part of the story is darker and sad because we are lost between parallel worlds. The song reflects these feelings.”

The music video for “Equilibrium” can be viewed now on YouTube:


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Branching from modern alt-rock, electronic-shaped metalcore, and cinematic orchestrals, Belgium’s Suasion is a rising name in the European metalcore scene. Their futuristic sound and high-end production level draws influences from synthwave and movie scores while creating an amalgam of their many influences. Suasion showcase various influences oscillating between rock and metalcore, set for any fan of bands like Starset, Solence, Blind Channel, Self Deception, or even Bring Me The Horizon.

Pre-orders for the second full-length effort,¬†“The Infinite, are now available HERE.¬†The album is released digitally,¬†as well as a¬†limited CD DigiPak¬†and a¬†limited¬†“The Infinite”¬†bundle set¬†that includes the¬†ltd. CD DigiPak¬†plus the¬†“I’ll Be The First To Face The Infinite” T-shirt, available via¬†Atomic¬†Fire Records.

You can¬†presave the upcoming¬†Suasion¬†album¬†“The Infinite”¬†now here¬†

“The Infinite” Tracklist:

01. Astro
02. Murphy’s Law (feat. Florent Salfati)
03. Infinite
04. Explore
05. Transformation
06. Black or White
07. Trapped
08. Momentum (feat. Steffi Pacson)
09. Celestial
10. House of Cards
11. Equilibrium
12. Naught

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