ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR – sign to Atomic Fire Records; finishing works on sophomore studio album!

Rock Ahavi (guitars, lead vocals), Mass Aholou (percussion), Enrico Ahavi (keyboards, harsh & rap vocals), Francis Amevo (bass), Richard Siko (drums)

Photo Credit: Mouad El Ykb

Togolese metal quintet ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR [Asrafocore = “Music of the Warriors” (“asrafo” means “warrior” in their mother language)] are proud to announce that they have signed a record deal with German based record label Atomic Fire Records. Drawing their main inspiration from African traditions and wisdom what results in their very own interpretation of the genre, the quintet are currently in the final stages of producing their yet-untitled label debut which will tentatively be released in early 2024.

The band state: “Dear friends, our mission started 12 years ago. We have made strides thanks to our brothers and sisters back home in Togo, on the Motherland and in different other parts of our beloved Planet Earth. Brothers and sisters who have been walking with us. And we are thankful for every step. Now we are moving to another level to boost the spreading of our #asrafocore music and message worldwide. We are now extremely happy and humbled to announce our signing with powerhouse metal label Atomic Fire Records (MESHUGGAH, OPETH among other amazing artists/bands). We thank the Atomic Fire Records team, all the key souls who made this dream possible. Special thanks go to the precious friends who have been supporting our mission since Day 1. As promised, we have been in our studio to bring you more #asrafocore, taken to a higher level: new album released early 2024. Stay true, stay strong, stay metal – this is…ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR!” #metalfromthemotherland

Atomic Fire Records A&R Ute Linhart adds: “The world can expect highly infectious rhythms and straight-in-your-face beats from this group that will make one’s blood pumping at high speeds. The unique signature sound footprint they’ve created for themselves will make them become nothing but the biggest metal act to rise out of Africa. Keep your eyes peeled to not miss out on one of the first highlights hitting the metal scene early next year!”

Having announced this new union, ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR are preparing their return to the stages for two shows this week: Starting at France‘s Cabaret Vert, the band will also perform at renowned Motocultor Festival in the same country with the latter being their first performance at a genuine European metal event. Be there!


17.08.2023 FR Charleville-Mézières – Cabaret Vert
18.08.2023 FR Carhaix – Motocultor Festival